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ZPE Licensing Inc. is the Patent holders for the Griptec® line of product. As the Griptec® line of product has gained huge popularity amongst the fastest cars and builders in the industry ZPE Licensing is responsible for protecting its intellectual property including its patents. On very few occasions there have been individuals or companies that have ventured into violating one of ZPE Licensings Inc.'s patents.  Standard practice is to respectfully make the party aware of the patent infringement.  Through cordial communication, these instances generally are resolved quickly.   However when a violating party does not understand our patent(s) and or refuses to cease manufacturing of the violating product, ZPE Licensing Inc. is prepared to defend it's Patents to the fullest.  ZPE Licensing's investments into the patent work, design and research into developing this new technology has built a family of employees, vendors, customers, and suppliers that depend on our product to be successful.  


ZPE Licensing Inc. V. Snyder Performance Engineering dba. SPE, Dan Snyder, Scott Snyder