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Install Instructions/ZPE MKII Press On HUB


You will need.

Safety Glasses

A few Shop rags

Blue Loctite

A Shop press

A Flat press block if needed

T30 Torx driver or 5mm Allen (Depending on bolts ordered)


Once the factory Pulley is removed, inspect and clean the shaft and bearing face with a dry towel make sure it is free of any debris or dirt. This is also a good time to upgrade to a solid coupler if you haven’t already.

To install the ZPE MKII 2 pc pulley system, we suggest that you remove the ZPE Pulley from the HUB.

Note: The 10 Bolts are not torqued when shipped just hand tight.

Before you press onto the shaft make sure to have a solid flat metal object to rest on top of the forward face of the hub. This will ensure when the Hub reaches the correct depth the solid flat object will align the forward face of the hub with the face of the shaft, often the press’s cylinder face is sufficient but note that heavy use can leave the cylinder face of the press distorted or scared. It is appropriate to use a smooth face when pressing on the face of the Hub. You will also need to properly support the base of the snouts shaft. You must avoid the coupler pins and only allow pressure to be exerted on the shafts tail. Place a press tool or fixture under the shaft while avoiding the pins. Examples below…





Once you have the shafts tail supported you can place the shallow end of the Hub on the end of the shaft. Make sure the shaft is parallel as possible with the press. Once the press is started you may need to re align once the hub is concentric with the shaft. As you press on you may here grunting or clicking that’s normal. If no noise is present that is also normal.






Once the hub is pressed on and flush with the shafts face you can now install the ZPE MK II Pulley.

Clean the Hub as needed to make sure it is clear of any debris. If you are concerned about thread locker face mating with the Hub and Pulley you can apply a small amount of oil on the face of the hub and or back of the pulley be sure not to get any oil in the threaded holes. This can ensure easy removal, note this is not needed but sometimes done. If you don’t over apply the Loctite the pulley will separate from the hub with minimal force after the Loctite is cured

Dab a bit of blue Loctite on the first 5-6 threads and wipe off any access with a paper towel or lint free rag. You may wipe any excess Loctite off so it is only in the grove of the threads. Over applying Loctite may wipe off the threads when screwing down and the excess Loctite will coat the face of the hub which will seal the pulley to the Hub when tightened making it a bit tougher to remove if ever comes a time.

On M5 hardware Tq to 7.0 Nm or 62.0 lb-in or 5.16 ft-lb

Depending on the Bolt ordered you may have a Socket cap with a T30 or a 6mm Allen. Same Tq applies to both.